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Relaxation and recreation are indispensable components of a good life; they bring both physical and mental peace where otherwise there is chaos. Social contact with others, too, can be a strong positive force for happiness and fulfillment in life. Nudism combines the freedom of living without the status and physical discomfort of clothing with social gatherings of like-minded people.
Nudists as a group tend to be easygoing, accepting, inquisitive and genuine people. The hurdle of overcoming the social nudity taboo helps select for these attributes, which are further reinforced by the socialization that occurs within groups of nudists. As a result, many people enjoy nudism because they enjoy being around people who express these attributes and who enjoy the simple pleasures of swimming, sunbathing, playing games, cooking, gardening, talking, philosophizing, etc. in the nude.
The downsides to being a nudist, especially one who doesn't live full-time at a nudist venue, are very limited. There may be some awkwardness surrounding the social nudity taboo, but open and honest people can get past that quickly, with the added benefit that those friends who are accepting of nudism are more likely to try and enjoy it, which just furthers the cycle of great people with whom life can be enjoyed au naturel.