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*Gg A Day With Freinds 3 - Well back at it again! Last week we had fun, but added a couple new friends this week! enjoy and vote :) for more
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Saturday 19th August 2017
I married the woman of my dreams and I am honored to share her in pictures but in no other way. She is 61 and I am forty and she is even more beautiful a human beings than she is on the outside. What a thrill to walk down the street with her and have every man turn their head....
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Saturday 19th August 2017
Mi esposa como los buenos vinos cada dia esta mejor me enamore de sus nalgas, siempre lo digo ademas de sus tetas tan maravillosas, espero que les guste saludos..
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coming up in August

First Time
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Gina Waits For Girlfriends - Hi Guys, I was waiting for Erin and Valerie to come over, and the were taking for ever, so I was convinced to take my top off in the meantime. I kinda wanted to go out, but I like how these pics turned out to look pretty spontaneous. They did show up when I had my top off, but that's another set! And always, thank you, thank you, thank you-- you are all so sweet and say such sweet things. I try to write back to members from our site-- which I can't get to everyone, but I definitely do read everything. (and boys... some of those things you say... whew! makes me want to take my clothes off!)


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