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My contribution ((File: eve2.jpg)) ((File: eve.jpg)) ((File: E.4.jpg)) ((File: e.3.jpg)) ((File: E.5.jpg)) ((File: E.2.jpg)) Here's some pics of my ex. She loved being a slut for the camera...
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Saturday 19th August 2017
Hi everyone, i hope you liked my bathtub pics and as i promised, here is part two. I'll be going away this weekend with my boyfriend where we plan on taking many more pictures. You'll just have to wait and see them! Bye for now....
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Saturday 19th August 2017
*OR Hawaiian Kine Roxy This is a lovely local bartender here on Oahu, Hawaii. Unfortunately I am not the one giving her the "O" face in these pictures.............
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coming up in August

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Hi Gang! Thank You all so much for being as nice as you are! I love to hear from you guys! Please take a minute and leave a little note here for me. Just a hello is all im asking...not a story! *Wink. Seriously though...I do get back to everyone that leaves an email addy! That is my whole point of posting! To hear from you guys..see what you think and what you like to see! Dont forget..Brand new message board on my site too. :) Come register and drop me a line! Cant wait to hear from you all! Thanks to everyone who voted for my (*Ni) My Sexiest Nightie series (red see thru) that won! The set below was just amazing! It was nice to be so out and in the open free world NAKED and on water on top of it! Hehehe.. This is a big area of water and is surrounded by a HUGE park! Its really pretty grounds! Jere and I had a girl friend come out with us and help us take some pics! She ended up being an excellent photographer and we had lots of fun with her! Jere and I dont get to play like this often due to him being the photographer. For those of you who have never seen Jere (better half) here he is! lol Hope you like...? *Big Kissssesss Michele


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