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Somethings in life are so sweet, you think how could this get any better. But we all know everything is a little bit better when you cover it in chocolate.
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First Time

Saturday 19th August 2017
Hi Kate,Zak,&crew Here's a couple of pics of my wife. She's a little shy but maybe witha little encouragement she'll pose nude. I think she looks pretty damn goodfor 38yrs. & 5 kids. Will be sending two e-mails cause of aol....
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Saturday 19th August 2017
hi there, just had an urge one night to take some pics and these are what I got. hope you like them, maybe I`ll do it again sometime..
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coming up in August

Hi gang,Tommy Girlfinally agreed to post some pix for my birthday. This is her first try so be kind and post in private shots for the Bed Poses contest. Thanks and PDPMEMA. : : Russian nude family sex archive, Sorority nudists, Young cocks on beach, Nudism camp,
Also known as, KCat's Pamela Lee Impression! hehe. It's kind of become a ritual of ours that if we're on a long road trip, I have to give my driver a blowjob. It started on our very first trip down when we had been dating for a few months & I was still trying to impress him. But now I have to do it *every* time! As long as I get to bring my little blue vibrator, I don't mind though. :) Between me sucking his cock, trying to hold the video camera & trying to drive, when he came he had slowed all the way down to 60 km/h! The highway we were on had a 100 km/h speed limit to give you an idea of how slow that was. Don't try this at home, kids! hehe


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