My juicy wife again.
WARNING!!!! I am pregnant, and have lots of tattoos!!! So consider yourself forewarned - and don't grumble about it if you decide to take a look!!!!
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Saturday 19th August 2017
Addysin Poolside - Hi guys/gals, this is only Addysin's contri, and I'm already excited doing them! Excited because this 20 year old hard body is already on my site!! It still amazes me this was her first shoot ever. I can't wait to see her in a year or so! Hugz, Cherrie....
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Saturday 19th August 2017
Hey ladies...think you can handle all this, or would like to try??...Let's trade pics and perhaps I'll "FullFill" your every needs...
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coming up in August

First Time
Gita In Barca - una gita in barca per l'abbronzatura integrale, se ci sono coppie al nord che vogliono prenderlo con noi ........... : Bbw nudest, Nudist yoga, Family nudists europe, Beach hunters free,
Here's the story: Bottom line -- all of these naturist girls I met are pretty perfect, but Nina and MsT were my favs. Why --- I don't know but I spoke with them the most. I can talk about physical presence but all of that is obvious to us horndogs. What separates them from your typical naked chick on the internet is that I had the honor of seeing beyond the physical beauty to realize that they were as beautiful inside as they were on the outside. I am also attracted to very smart women and both Nina and MsT fall into that category. Last but not least is that beautiful smile, the bedroom (read F Me eyes).... ---or--- it could be the fact that I was talking to this smok'n hot chick in a public bar, and as I am standing there she pulls off her panties from under her see through skirt and then later pulls off her skirt so that she is standing totally naked in a public bar. She then proceeds to rip off the clothes of all of the rest of the naturist girls... yea.... that's it!....


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