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This is the "R" rated contribution of Lauren's day off with me. Look for the other two contris on here for a BIG suprise. Please vote.
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All ages

Saturday 19th August 2017
Lyloo Is Back! Part, Little Strip Hi all! such a looooooong time without sending a contri on VW! Maybe some of you remember me... I hope so... ;) This is the first part of my coming back so check out next days! Bye bye... PS: Lulu & Lolo, a bientot du cote de chez vous pour passer une bonne soiree! :)...
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Saturday 19th August 2017
Just wanted to hear any comments you ladies might have. I don't have the largest cock; but I'm only 5'6' tall so I think it's well proportioned. Besides I haven't had any complaints as of yet...
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coming up in August

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