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Still Sunday morning, but not *quite* as innocent. Thanks for the great feedback, hopefully these will answer some of the requests we've recieved...
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Saturday 19th August 2017
Hi all. This is my friend, a mother of Two.. still young however. She is looking forward for your positive so she will contribute much and much more!!!! Hope you enjoy the first of many future contri's....
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Saturday 19th August 2017
Pretty In Pink Part 1 - Bought wife this outfit for her birthday.....Obviously, i had to grab the cam and get her to sport it for me. Hope everyone likes!!!..
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coming up in August

Hello all. This contri contains 2 dares, golf & waterfall. The golf pics were taken at the Evergreen Golf Course in Baytown,Tx. The waterfall pics were taken on Garth Rd. : Teen hard party fuck beach photo, Nudist pregnant, Beach granny, Young nudists free videos, Nudeseabeach,
hi gang, here we are again walking for Rome. Weather is so hot in this period and it's better to go without clothes. We took some shots from Tevere river to Corso Francia Bridge passing by Foro Italico and the Ancient Milvio Bridge. Any foreign couples wish visit Rome and take pics with us? Non c' che dire, troppo caldo per girare vestiti a Roma! E poi e bello passeggiare per questa citta così bella, piena di fascino e di spunti un vero e proprio museo a cielo aperto. Se qualche coppia vuole farci compagnia durante queste passeggiate anche solo per guardare ci fara piacere. Cerchiamo anche luoghi insoliti e locali di ogni genere per realizzare scatti glamour. Un cordiale saluto ad Eleonora l'unica ragazza italiana veramente spontanea. Perch non ci scrivete?


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